“I decode the music I “hear” into “color” I see and turn it into a visual tangible dimension for the world to enjoy long after the music ends.”

International Visual Artist Valentina Bilbao

Valentina Bilbao

Valentina Bilbao’s blooming paintings create an anomaly in space, pulling in the viewer with its harmonious motion. She is known for transforming music into art, a process accomplished by using her own synesthesia and reflecting the emotions provoked by the music. With music on repeat, Bilbao manifests its harmony and color on the canvas, resulting in its infinite movement. Her art is represented by Eternity gallery and it has been displayed in the Boca Raton museum, Perez Art Museum Miami, collateral events during the Venice Biennale, Nader Museum, and an auction in Opera Gallery. Not to mention her audio visual displays, sharing the unique experience of listening to the same music that she did while creating her art. She also holds solo painting performances so that the audience can see her painting in action, while she is in the presence of the music, most notably opening the Boca Raton art fair 2018 with her performance.

My paintings carry a message of love, energy, bliss, absolute dedication, and passion.

My artistic process is reflecting feeling and the emotion of music into artwork. Music becomes my air and energy, and I transfer it into my work. I feel the music inside of me. My artistic process is the subjective decoding of the music and its transformation into color. That is to say I paint the music, bringing it from the abstract plane, to the concrete. Enabling it to be visual and tangible. My heart dances to the rhythm of it. The vibrations of each instrument in a melody come to life in my soul, and I use those feelings to turn each note into color on the canvas.

When I paint, time and space doesn’t exist for me. My work is the union of color and music condensed into a harmonious symphony meant to have different impacts on the soul of the beholder. It brings forth a collection of feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Certain pieces can evoke visions of the infinite blue of the Mediterranean sky and sea while other pieces’ yellow can conjure the heat of the sun melting into the air. The bright green of meadows to the softer colors reminding one of the gentle breezes that makes trees sway to a near silent rhythm. There are so many components of color that enable me to bring intangible images and sounds to life. Music is the essence from which I derive these shades and tones, bringing them to life in my paintings.

My passion for life inspires me to bring positive emotions and thoughts together in my work. Through each stroke of paint I reveal what I have inside, the giant desire to turn the world in to a better place. What I hope to achieve with my work is to give the gift of love, energy, and peace through each painting.

Within each painting, color becomes the central element through which Bilbao is able to express and expand upon her interpretation of music, enabling her to bring those emotions from the abstract to the real world. Her use of a spatula imbues a great deal of texture into the paint, while fostering a sense of movement that is reflective of the inherent fluidity of the emotive realm. Bilbao explains the musical inspiration for her work in simple but moving terms, “Music becomes my air, it is my driving force… I feel the music inside me, and my heart dances with each beat. The vibrations of each instrument dance in my soul, transferring the notes into my artwork… My work is a union of paint and music together into a harmonious symphony that makes my soul smile.” Above all, Bilbao seeks to create paintings that transmit powerful and positive emotions, thereby transforming the world into a better place.