Valentina Bilbao exhibition at the Gallery in the ArtsPark of the City of Hollywood, FL

Valentina Bilbao connects music and painting, merging them in tangible visual artworks that depict her call for a better world. She has her studio in Davie, FL, and is an American citizen, who was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Music is inspiration and media for her abstract paintings of thick layers applied with knife palette, her most used media. Today, she also creates her ART including dripping and splashing techniques that add new colors to the paintings. Her powerful textures shine with the light existing around. On her website you can see her artworks and enjoy the videos in which the artists shows her process of painting while listening to the music that inspires her. Valentina Bilbao is exhibiting nine recent artworks at the prestigious Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota, FL, until April, 2020. Her upcoming Solo Show of a selection of seventeen significant pieces of her Art in diverse size and colors, at the City of Hollywood, FL, ArtsPark Gallery, was awarded by the City’s Cultural Committee. The Exhibit, Valentina Bilbao ART is a Universe of Love, Peace, Music and Light, will take place January to March 5th, 2020. The Grand Opening Reception is on January 30th, 2020, from 5 to 10 pm. To the public visiting the ArtsPark Gallery, the Artworks in walls 1 and 2 communicate her creative message that begins with LOVE. In wall 3, she celebrates the beginning of ALL, the creation of the Universe with Fire as a positive illuminating LIGHT and a Sweet birth of LIFE. In wall 4, the exhibit centers with three meaningful Artworks for HUMANKIND. In wall 5, the RED color is significant of true PASSION as POSITIVE active Energy and UPLIFTING Light. In walls 6 and 7, Valentina Bilbao decodes MUSIC to transform it as color. For her, MUSIC is the element from which all is born, the Artwork on itself, expressed in a different way. In walls 8a and 8b, a diverse COLOR distinguishes each Artwork that in the years have acquired new dimensions or styles. The CIRCULAR FORM in her work suggests cosmic creation, expansion, birth and movement, also depicted by waves moving horizontal or vertically. Valentina Bilbao has created a New Renaissance that will leave an INFLUENTIAL STATEMENT for her time and the generations to come. Her discourse is about BETTERMENT, always aware for novel themes and concepts. Her relationship with NATURE is evident in the BLUE of the sky and waters, or in the GREEN of the landscapes.

Valentina BIlbao Collaborates in support MAI

Valentina Bilbao Collaborates in support Mammography Art Initiative

Visual Artist Valentina Bilbao participated in the exquisite 8th annual show organized in support of MAI, Mammography Art Initiative, Poderosa, celebrated October 19th, 2019 at Conde Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Coral Gables, FL. Valentina Bilbao believes in the power and importance of supporting initiatives that benefit and sublimate humanity, as well as to have a presence on the diverse efforts involved for it. The show was curated by Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig. The Mammography Art Initiative is an organization founded by FIU medical students of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University, which host an annual art show and silent auction of donated artwork. The proceeds of this event support the services of the Linda Fenner 3D Mobile Mammography Center, which provides mammograms and breast health education to underserved women of Miami Dade County in order to reduce the disparities found in breast cancer prevention, screening and access to care. The theme selected for this year event/exhibition show “Poderosa = Powerful Woman” and the mission is to empower strong local women by giving them equal access to healthcare and the opportunity for early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Art Ovation Hotel

Valentina Bilbao Hallelujah Exhibition at Art Ovation Hotel

For her exquisite exhibition at the Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota, FL, Valentina Bilbao created the Hallelujah Series of seven unique artworks exquisitely mastered in simultaneous applied pictorial techniques from strong strokes of thick palette knife to dripping and splashes. The acrylic on canvas include three paintings of diverse size, made of rose, gold and white tones, entitled Aureate, Effervescence and Epiphany, the paintings in green, blue, gold and white tones, entitled Iridescence, Sonder, Luminescence, and the diptych Epiphany of Colors. The Series is inspired and takes its name from the song Hallelujah written by Canadian Leonard Cohen in 1984. His original version suggests early rock and roll and gospel music with biblical reference to Samson and Delilah, King David and Bathsheba. The music was featured in the film Shrek, had over 300 recordings or concerts, in movies, television and contests, performances by Bob Dylan, Bono, Bon Jovi, Jordan Smith and Pentatonix, appeared in worldwide singles charts and the American  Billboard Hot 100. Valentina Bilbao perceived and visually transmits in her unique paintings the power and importance of depicting achievements that sublimate humanity and the diverse efforts involved for it. Valentina reaches a top point in her Art, when through a clever and skillful variety of techniques over the same media, she makes visual to understand a diversity of meanings, of uplifting and feeling real values for the life and soul. She transforms all of it in a positive theme for a vibrant Series of paintings, each one unique and able to create deep emotions, knowledge and happiness to its viewers. Bilbao is also exhibiting the acrylic on canvas Ethereal of 46 x 46 inches, Dreams of 40 x 40 inches and Can You Touch the Color? of 32 x 32 inches.

HALLELUJAH exhibition at Art Ovation Hotel, from October 2019 to April 2020, is curated by Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig. The Art Ovation Hotel is an important landmark in Sarasota, FL, unique for its permanent goal of promoting Visual Art with well curated exhibitions by significant artists. The Hotel website declares that it furthers its mission to serve the community as an active host, facilitator, patron and partner for the arts and the curator says on the HALLELUJAH exhibition: “When you enter Valentina Bilbao’s studio, you fall into a trance, marveled by the colors of her abstract paintings, engulfed by the music that inspires them. While working to the sound of carefully chosen songs, Valentina’s emotions take over. Her hand impregnates the canvases with brilliant colored strokes while the rhythms of different melodies allow her to express ideas, feelings, and sensations. In some of her works, she favors the use of the spatula to create monochromatic pieces while in others, she applies a dripping technique. The concentric nature of paintings like “Ethereal” represent the cosmic creation, expansion, birth, and movement. Her most recent series titled “Hallelujah,” inspired by the song written by Leonard Cohen, symbolize the different stages indicated by the lyrics, such as celebration, regret, mourning, and reconciliation. Valentina’s connection to nature is particularly evident in the use of splashes of greens and blues in paintings such as “Sonder” and “Luminescence”. Visually, they are magnificent explosions of color full of life and positive energy. Her paintings open our eyes to the good and the positive in our world. As a passionate and engaged artist, her main goal is to have an impact on the younger generations and to provide a positive experience by making a better world.”

Artist Valentina Bilbao states: “This Series is my pictorial representation of the Hallelujah song, which to me means the realization of something significant in this tangible world. Although its manifestation has more spiritual than worldly implications, it achieves something so vital that it can be part of real happiness. This sentiment is very different from temporary joy. It is pure happiness that is born and lives in one’s soul. It is the ratification and nourishment of the essence itself.”

Valentina Bilbao Exhibition at FITCE 2019

Valentina Bilbao Exhibition at FITCE 2019

On October 9 to 10, 2019, visual artist Valentina Bilbao exhibited her Art at FITCE 2019 5th Annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo. The Expo was held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and after being selected by a Juried Panel, Broward County officially invited Valentina Bilbao to participate as an Artist Exhibitor in the event. All around to the exquisite Art Exhibition, FITCE 2019 welcomed local and international businesses to connect with high level government leaders, international trade experts and delegations from around the world. The attending visitors participated in dialogues involving international trade, investments and culture from over 63 countries. Among other relevant guests, Artist Valentina Bilbao presented and described her Art to His Excellency Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, Former President of Costa Rica, His Excellency Jamil Mahuad, Former President of Ecuador, His Excellency Luis Alberto Lacalle, Former President of Uruguay, His Excellency Haimraj Rajkumar, Minister of Business for Guyana, and The Honorable Mario Baccini, Former President of the Senate & Former Minister of Public Affairs, Italy.

Artist Valentina Bilbao selected three exquisite and unique Artworks for her presentation at FITCE 2019, respectively entitled UNIVERSAL LIGHT, UNIVERSAL ENERGY and LOOKING IN YOUR EYES. All works acrylic on canvas of 40 x 40 inches each. The selection included a variety of the colors frequently used by the artist, one work on bright red only, other on a rose red with light to dark blues, and the last one with inserted red on shades of green. Each paintings was made in the skillfully mastered knife palette technique used by Valentina Bilbao with strong and deep strokes to create texture and movement, in addition one painting had a splash technique and the other had drippings. Each painting by Valentina Bilbao intensely communicates her love for Life, Nature, Humanity and Enlightenment. Her artistic discourse is about betterment. Like on a New Renaissance, she wants to leave an influential statement for her time and the generations to come. The paintings were widely admired by the attending visitors and exhibitors. As a result, this event greatly has opened new and interesting opportunities, either local or abroad, for Valentina Bilbao artistic career.

Bright Series Green

Bright Series by Valentina Bilbao

Valentina Bilbao created the Bright Series as a set of five unique artworks elegantly and skillfully developed in five different bright colors. She uses on the canvas her characteristic pictorial techniques, beginning with strong strokes of palette knife to place thick layers of paint of the chosen color, and then continuing with an impressive dripping in darker or lighter tones of the main color, creating a dynamic effect that complements the already very powerful painting. The Bright Series, made during the months of July and August of 2019, includes five paintings of 48 x 48 inches. The five colors chosen by Valentina Bilbao are red, blue, yellow, green and orange, which will define the uniqueness of each painting by the use of only one color and the respective dripping on each one of them. The Series was inspired by the classical music for the Hallelujah Chorus included in Part II of the Messiah oratorio, composed in 1741 by German musician George Frederic Handel, b. 1685 – d. 1759, while he was residing in London. Artist Valentina Bilbao says: “I decode the Music to then transform and code it as color. For me, the Music is not only an inspiration, it is the element from which all is born, it is the Artwork on itself, expressed in a different way. My Artwork is completed when I am able to bring the Music to a visual tangible dimension.” Valentina Bilbao, in total synchrony with Handel music and his positive goals, visually transmits in her unique paintings the emotion of depicting the feeling of celebrations that are relevant for humanity and can happen for a diversity of occasions. The Part II of the Messiah oratorio ends with the celebration of God’s Triumph that closes with the vibrant and majestic Hallelujah Chorus. Handel, who had written successful operas, used a similar musical way in the Messiah, a basic structure of chorus and solo singing, few duets and the musical instruments harpsichord, violoncello, oboes, strings, violone and  bassoon. Two trumpets and timpani highlight the movement, energized by repeating Hallelujah and Forever and Ever increased to the highest until reaching a silent break full of tension and a solemn final Hallelujah that expressed Handel’s goal to spread peace and joy. Celebrations can be spiritual Roads to Heaven, Happy Anniversaries, Tributes for Achievements, such as Graduations, Awards, or Successful Events in any life path or career. Valentina Bilbao artistic creativity and pictorial ideas flow natural on her painting, accompanied with the sound that escalates from soft to uplifting, festive and blissful. Then, as she follows in contact with the music, the feelings and emotions that guide her Art take place, when paint and color are transformed into tangible and joyful positive messages that are visual but also spiritual. Valentina Bilbao touches the heart and the soul of the viewers of her works that evoke the forever-changing life of Light and the Universe.

Deep Into My Heart by Valentina Bilbao

Deep Into My Heart by Valentina Bilbao

The exquisite artwork Deep Into My Heart, acrylic on canvas of 72 x 72, inches, was created in 2017 by Valentina Bilbao, inspired by the original version of the electronic song I will fly with you co-written and performed by celebrated Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino. Using her mastership in the splashing and dripping techniques, Valentina Bilbao interpreted, transported and transformed the song in a visual and tangible unique painting of great attraction and power. This was the first time that Bilbao conceived a painting inspired by with this genre of music. The artist says about her artwork: “I innovated my technique applying flowers hand made by myself over a canvas background of dripping green, black and gold paint meaning intense love and art last forever.” The song I’ll Fly with You is also know by the name L’amour toujours that in French means “love always”. The song lyrics enclose the concepts that Valentina Bilbao express on her painting, such as: “I still believe in your eyes… I’ll always be here by your side… I belong to your life… I will live to love you someday… We’ll fly away and I’ll fly with you…”. The painting happily expands as Love and Life to the infinite. The green is a color of hope, of nature growing, of relaxed feelings and emotions. The gold on the paintings is the light that illuminates the black paths and transform life in a series of joyful events, uplifted by the never ending love existing when two people intensely love each other and are able to fly together forever.

Allegria by Valentina Bilbao

Skillfully created in 2017 by Valentina Bilbao, Allegria acrylic on canvas of 72 x 72 inches, is inspired by contemporary energetic rock music centered on the strong and deep sound of one or several singers playing diverse electric guitars, bass, drums, cymbals and key board. The goals of its upbeat sound are positive action, power, motivation, hope, uplift, happiness, inspiration, success, brightness, optimism, light, emotion, fun, joy, extraordinariness, fantasy, romance, intensity, beauty and dance. Music, as the power to provoke strong emotional reactions and provide people with energy trough its rhythm. Valentina Bilbao cleverly makes sound visually tangible on her artwork painted with diverse yellow tones to mean happiness, life and rebirth on a circular pattern, as the circle of life. Thick layers painted with spatula merge a pictorial technique with today music. On both fields of the Arts, the rock sounds and the yellow colors evoke light, intensity, energy, sunlight, sunshine, hope, warmth, amusement, gentleness, humor, spontaneity, wisdom, knowledge, connection, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, intellect, enlightenment, honor, loyalty, joy, happiness, glory and harmony. In English or other languages, brilliant and bright mean intelligent, as yellow is the color of reason and research. As the most visible color from a distance, is used for objects that need to be seen, a color designed to attract attention. Yellow dresses are associated with gaiety and celebration. The Beatles in 1966 had the No. 1 hit, Yellow Submarine. The 1967 album by Donovan, called Mellow Yellow, reached number 2 on the U.S. Billboard charts and number 8 in the UK. Coldplay achieved worldwide fame with their 2000 single Yellow.

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose by Valentina Bilbao

Valentina Bilbao created in 2017 the artwork La Vie en Rose, acrylic on canvas of 50 x 72 inches, merging her painting with the sounds of the worldwide celebrated song, written and performed by French singer Edith Piaf. The artist Valentina Bilbao tells: “As the song says, I believe that love heals.” The main colors in the painting are rose magenta tones to represent how feelings and devotion transcend time. The song inspires the painting that moves on a definite direction, towards happiness overcoming all difficulties and obstacles, like the branches of a plant that grow aiming to the light of the sky. The message is positive, about the goodness of Love bringing joy and bliss. It happens when Love helps to overcome, when Love is envisioned to share, when Love is brought beyond passion and becomes forever. The rose tone of the chosen color by the artist is the right one, not too red or too pink, not too dark or too light, as it is the real love that last all the life. The color is accentuated by the power of the strokes masterly made with the knife palette, while the sprinkles of white, grays and a darker red, can be felt like the challenges to overcome, always illuminated by the light that signals the path. The movement pointing to one side means the action going in one direction to forever complete the circle of life.

The Mission by Valentina Bilbao

The Mission by Valentina Bilbao

Created in 2018 by Valentina Bilbao, THE MISSION, acrylic on canvas of 72″ x 72″, is a unique extraordinary Artwork, defined by the artist as her pictorial representation of the music for The Mission movie by celebrated composer Ennio Morricone, born in Rome, Italy, in 1928. The main protagonist of the film placed in the 1740’s, Spanish Jesuit priest Father Gabriel, enters the northeastern Argentina and eastern Paraguayan jungle to build a mission. The South American Guaraní natives strap Father Gabriel to a wooden cross to throw him in the Iguazu Falls. He saves his life, when reaching the top he plays his oboe and the Guaraní fascinated by the melody permit him to survive. This moment, in which the contrast among the unique sound of the oboe overcomes the whole orchestra playing violins and other instruments, is romantic and delicate, with the oboe outstanding the background melody depicting the water running on the Falls, and then, as magical drops the instruments come alive again. Valentina Bilbao is inspired by the music that she masterly interprets in her painting, as every dripping are the sounds becoming a visual and tangible artwork. The circle means Eternity and forever Love that continues to form in the canvas, while the music complemented by a human choir of voices insinuating beauty and healing, is perceived in the painting. Valentina Bilbao says: “For me music can save lives. Browns, gold, oxide tones in the painting shine, meaning that light overcomes darkness.”


ARIA Series

Curatorial Statement by Mariavelia Savino

One of the most exciting discoveries acting as Consultant Curator of an Artist is to see when artists initiate to develop a new path in their creative inspiration and use of technique. Recently, Valentina Bilbao started a new step in her paintings that I consider exquisite, deeply inspired and well developed. She has created very minimalistic and delicate paintings using on her canvas a clean white color for their background. Then, she depicts a definite textured expanding center employing her mastership in the palette knife technique, producing strong visual effects in the same white color selected as background. The result is a extremely attractive White on White artwork absolutely elegant and emotive. But, the Artist doesn’t just stops here, as she continues on some of her new artworks to develop her painting using a monochromatic dripping technique consisting in soft and defined dots made in a selected pastel color. Therefore, while the concentric strong spatula accents stop and soften before arriving to the edges of the canvas, the new drippings address the attention of the viewer towards the ends of the painting creating a feeling of uniqueness and infinite emotion. It is important to note that all these paintings are in synchrony with the music that Valentina Bilbao listen to develop her Art. She absorbs and decodes it when creating her paintings. The music is always there as a spiritual and uplifting companion on the creative process.

Music: by Ennio Morricone from the film Cinema Cinema Paradiso

Artist Talk at Pine Crest School

Artist Talk at Pine Crest School

My name is Valentina Bilbao and I am an artist. I became one because I believe my purpose in life is to share one very important message. To explain myself, the message I intend on sharing is the importance of love… Yes, love, but not the superficial kind we are most often exposed to, but something much more.
I would like to transmit the significance of what love truly is and what it means to love.

Being able to love ourselves is only possible through understanding and accepting ourselves.

Only then do I believe humanity to be capable of giving or receiving love.

I don’t pretend to coach, I’m not here to preach. I am here to remind people that we are all unique and that makes every single person special. There has not been any one like oneself and there will never be. I want to make sure that everyone can keep the power and the light that they have.
Please, understand the importance of sharing that light with every one, every second of your life because you are responsible for the environment you produce.

The world needs you, so please help us by strengthening yourself. This era that we are living in today is very complicated. People base their self-worth off an image and comparisons. This is an era in which nothing is enough.

Exposure to today’s society and social media can sometimes cause a feeling of pressure to change yourself in every sense. To change your face, your body… to feel accepted.

This generation invests a lot of time in their work or studies, as well as working to improve the physical appearance of their body, but often overlook taking the time to better understand and love themselves. We forget to manage our spirituality and emotions and pay a price for that.

Please, take a little more time to nurture your spirituality and to share your emotions.

For this reason, I decided to be an artist. I needed to explain the importance of living a meaningful life. The importance of appreciating what you can’t see, like music. I have always believed that through the music, I could explain what Love is, its power, and how important it is to live ones life to the fullest extent.

At this moment I have started to transform music into color, because through this process I explain better myself and my view of this world”
There is what happens to groups of people in this world: one group is creating and building, and the other is destroying. We have to decide in which group we want to be.

We have the commitment to make and keep better this world, as it is impossible to be in this world, at least one day, without affecting it.
I only come to remind you that we need your light, your power… because you are unique.

Valentina Bilbao