Valentina Bilbao’s Gallery is located in 10384 W State Road 84 Unit 2 Davie FL, 33324. It is a large space with a central office and waiting room connected to the Gallery space where she has some of her most popular new pieces hanging. These often change every couple months depending on new collections or  their transportation to a gallery or store.

Occasional events are hosted here with live music and food. Her contemporary art is displayed with lights and it is the perfect place to come and enjoy or see if you are interested in acquiring a one of a kind work of art.

Art Space for Events

In order to make your events more exclusive, our gallery has the perfect place to meet your needs. You can use the space according to your needs and tastes. It will be very exciting to invite your guests to the elegant atmosphere created by the splendid works of our gallery. Surely, this will make your event even more appreciated and successful.